In the middle of the night

The real world doesn’t keep these hours. It’s almost midnight and I’m awake. I’m not the only one. Facebook and Twitter are lively with other EFL teachers here in Korea who are also wide awake. Why? For me, it’s because my day doesn’t really allow much time for myself. For others, it seems to be time to catch up on social networking. Don’t laugh. Social networking is essential to the foreign teachers’ lifestyle.



1. Social networking helps us stay in touch with the people back home. Here in Korea, home is waking up right now. I just read a new email from my cousin that included a “virtual hug”. I’m glad I am still up to read it. It also helps me keep up with my town in general. My city has a Facebook page. Today, an interesting link appeared. Did you know that there’s such a thing as “Korean chicken wings”?



2. Social networking helps us form our PLN. They can be teachers or professionals from all over the world. They are worth the time. Some of the posts and comments I’ve seen (or made) on Facebook tonight are part of interesting discussions across cities, languages, and time zones.



3. Social networking helps us keep up with the world. People with more free time and better internet access post and comment on what is happening in the world. I don’t have time to follow everyone. No one does (okay maybe some people, but they’re incredibly gifted). I read what has been deemed worthy of re-posting on Facebook (for news and entertainment) or Twitter (for ELT items).



And so here I am, past midnight, on the phone with another teacher talking about the transience of life here in Korea. These are the moments worth staying up late for.



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