the best medicine

It’s time for another laughing diary.

Burnout has been creeping up on me for a while now. There’s a voice in me that says, “You should be able to do this. You deserve this. You are weak for feeling like this. You’re self-centered and selfish. No one wants to hear it. Deal with it.” But every time I think about the size of my workload, I can’t even write it down in a list. I procrastinate. Nothing gets done. I’m way behind in my classes and haven’t paid the trimester fees yet. I’m behind in my lesson planning and won’t have time for it at all soon. My contract is coming to an end and the future is uncertain. I’m staring down the barrel of twelve-hour workdays for four weeks including weekends, while studying, doing a practicum, and supervising the other teachers. I’m at the point where I want to give away all my stuff, quit my MA, quit my job. 

In an attempt to stave off (or at least postpone) the breakdown I sense in my future, I’ve decided to spend the next seven days noticing the world around me rather than wrapped up in my own stress-ball.

I’m going to keep a diary of all the things that make me laugh for the next seven days and publish them here. Keep an eye out for Laughing Diary, part 2 around this time next week. If the mood takes you, why not take up the challenge and share your laughs as well?

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  • Vicky Loras  On July 20, 2012 at 12:05 am

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you so much for sharing something so personal with us and I am happy you have found ways to get over the negative feelings you have had.

    Sometimes we feel that we are alone in feeling this way – a while back I was in the same predicament and thought it ws only me, but there are so many teachers out there in the same position at times – my medicine apart from the great people surrounding me, was (unbelievably) Twitter : ) Sharing, learning, the occasional laugh, just lifted me up!

    I am going to take up the challenge you set up! Love it : ))))

    Best wishes,


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