Laughing Diary, part 2

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When I posted my notice about it being time for a new laughing diary, I felt a bit like the crooked fork below: lonely, sad, and caving in while everyone around me stood straight and strong. It was hard to push the “publish” button. But publishing it holds me accountable for actually doing it. So I clicked. But I didn’t tweet it. How could I admit to these strong pillars of my PLN that I was crumbling? It might go unnoticed until there was a lovely post full of laughs to share. Of course, it did not. The empathetic and ever-vigilant @vickyloras noticed it and took up the challenge – see her post here – and from there the idea seemed to catch. Instead of judgment, support poured in – not condescending “oh you poor thing” support, but strong, positive “we are with you and you are not alone” support, meeting my needs for empathy and community. I am grateful.

I wouldn’t have had much to publish here without my friends, so here is my list of the things that have given me joy this week (with all the kudos at the end).

1. This photo made me giggle: . It came from this link on Psychology Today and is the latest in a line of comforting reminders that I’m not alone in the world.

2. “You can’t just be a Greek chorus all the time. Sometimes if there are things no one else will say you have to step up and say them.”

3. This made me laugh earlier in the week and deserves a place here because re-watching made me laugh again:

4. This has been making me laugh for quite a while now (in doses): Gin and Juice . This one cracks me up, too: Enter Sandman .

5. I guess tonight gets one more unexpected entry (the best kind): half-drunken 2am twittersations that send me to sleep smiling.*

6. This facebook status: “Just did a show at a library where we had to go outside for the big trash can explosion. Everyone went outside, including the librarians. Nobody brought a key to the library… we had to call the police.”

7. What friends are for: “This is a stress-free environment. Leave your head in Gyeongju.”

8. This blog post: Hatless (I don’t know if context is required for it to be funny. Or it might just be my mood at the moment.)

9. “Super-teacher … tired people waking up and doing amazing things”  – there was a pretty amazing picture, too.

10. Glasses wider than my cheeks when I smile.

Apparently I have a small face. At least I’m not as blind as the owner of these glasses!

11. The most intensive fire drill I’ve ever seen in my life. The alarm went off and we all went out of the building. There was a fire in a trash can. The fire fighters used the school’s equipment to put it out. An ambulance came and took the “victim” to the hospital. It ended in a much too short lesson on CPR and demos which left all the girls giggling.

There was even a “patient” for the ambulance.

12. Apparently, there exists a chance of dying by laughter (15 billion to 1). I wonder if the type of laughter matters? #maniacal #bestwaytogo

13. The idea that toothbrushes might conceal hidden mass that could leak out when bisected. #notmyidea

14. This facebook status: “Been in Europe for 20 mins, after 3 years away the biggest thing I’ve noticed so far is definitely how high the urinals are!”

And reply: “Or maybe you’re shrinking? #smurf”

15. Oh, dear god. Books have trailers? My procrastination buddies found this:

16. I also woke up to this random PM on Facebook: “get to work woman!! there are games to be played and stressed to be relieved….if you can make it….which I think for your health, mentally at least, you should….but i’m biased …..good didn’t write biassed.”

17. A list of euphemisms. Some of my favorites are:

#35 – Richard Cranium

#50 – Badonkadonk

#57 – The Euphemism

If you don’t feel like visiting the page, I’ll leave their meanings to your imagination.

18. Park Forest, IL has a community page on Facebook. This funny picture and quote was posted there today by Susan S.:

Comment from Jon B. below the photo: “This particular model of Weinermobile looks like a hot dog crushing a banana.”

“Myyyyy Balogna has a first name,
It’s O-S-C-A-R!
My Balogna has a second name,
It’s M-E-Y-E-R!
IIIIIIII love to eat it every day
When people ask me why I saaaaaaaaaay!!!…..
‘Cause Oscar Meyer has a way with

19. The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened – a somewhat tongue-in-cheek photoblog that I didn’t realize was going to make me laugh out loud. #7, #9, #19, #43 and #44 were my favorites: what are yours?

20. This conversation:

Female: “Hookers are fine, upstanding citizens.”

Male1: “That’s not true. They’re more lie-downing.”

Female: “I’m pretty sure most paying customers would prefer it standing up.”

Male2(with obvious discomfort): “Ohhhh… OK… We went there…”

21. Someone in my MAAL course posted this. I had to read them all at least twice:

22. A post in the “teaching speaking” forum on teaching strategies for opening and closing conversations:

Opening example included: “Hi. Can I buy you a drink.”

Closing example included: “I don’t think we’re compatible but it was nice meeting you.”

23. Textbook frustrations: Seriously, H.D. Brown? The best example you could find of a sentence in which every syllable is stressed is “Dead men wear plaid”? Seriously?

24. This webpost: How to Stay Sane in Korea – is one of my favorites that I’ve seen in a long long time. I would love to meet the writer. Her mode of self-expression is absolutely delightful.

25. This:

26. Mullet. Also #mullets (I get so many laughs from twitter)

27. Cupcakes. I’m serious. Read this: “But in a culture frightened by change, blurred borders, and boundary crossings, the cupcake makes all those scary things palatable.”

Utensils that might make cupcake eating difficult.

28. Yearbook Yourself. Just do it.


This week’s laughs (in no particular order) were brought to you by: @josettelb, @michaelegriffin, @kenfink, @pterolaur, @alexswalsh, @kevchanwow, @HebrewH, @kylemartelle, @wnderlustprojct, @chucksandy, non-tweeters: John H., Helen L., Paul R., Nikki H., Nic B., Robin C.

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  • mikecorea  On July 25, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Quite a list indeed. Lots of good times. Thanks for sharing…and thanks for the mention and the reminder that I haven’t heard from Mr. Cheese in a while.

    • livinglearning  On July 26, 2012 at 10:51 pm

      Thanks, Mike. I spent a really fun week making it. I really appreciate all your contributions to my joy this week.

  • HebrewH  On July 27, 2012 at 3:32 am

    I have no clue what my contribution was but I am happy you laughed:D

    • livinglearning  On July 27, 2012 at 5:45 am

      You were indeed present for one of the events on the post. 🙂 More than that, though, you get kudos for being the person who I never have to pretend around. xo

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