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Last month I took a CELTA course. I had grand ideas before I began that I’d blog about it every weekend to share my reflections (and get this site back up and running). If you’ve ever taken a CELTA you’ll know how silly a thought that was. Luckily I was saved by Matthew Noble’s suggestion: a series of interviews regarding my CELTA experiences. With Matthew’s guidance I was able to keep up with my reflections, read his comments and those of a few other readers, and not have to deal with the arranging and photo-selecting and editing that comes with blogging. He is an incredible superstar for keeping up with all this while running a CELTA of his own.

By some interesting fluke of wordpress today, I couldn’t reblog the posts. But I really would like to share them and so I’m linking them below for your enjoyment or commiseration.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Thank you for reading. Comments are very welcome, of course. And follow Matthew’s (newish) blog if you don’t already.

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